• Convidera


    Als Pioniere der Digitalen Transformation passen wir erfolgreich Unternehmensstrukturen und Geschäftsmodelle an die neuen Rahmenbedingungen an.

  • ThatMediaGuy


    Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, media trainer, journalist and author of 'This Is Social Media'; also some stand-up comedy.

  • SwiftKey


    SwiftKey Keyboard is the hit keyboard app for iPhone & Android known for learning and predicting your writing style — your favorite words, phrases and emoji.

  • Craig Cmehil

    Craig Cmehil

    Coder, Developer, Geek, Talker, friend and father. Exploring tech is a passion that has no bounds!

  • Zoltán Bellák

    Zoltán Bellák

    Father, Thinker, Cloud & Cyber Security Evangelist, EuroCloud Europe, Founder and CEO - iMotion, The Human Aspect of Cloud Computing

  • Flo


    Dinge-Hacker, Erstmal-Auseinander-Nehmen-Dann-In-Betrieb-Nehmer, Ideenmanagemet, Innovation, DIY, Entwickler, ProjMgmt., Forschung- und Produktentwicklung

  • Toby Carr

    Toby Carr

    Fiercely average human + writer. Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tobydcarr

  • Anhornto Uthermuth

    Anhornto Uthermuth

    Life and live.

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